Favorite things 02.04.2015

Time for a happy rant because these things just can’t be kept in anymore for this month.  It took me through all of November, December and January to finally come to an agreement between winter and I. It has been an adjustment to block the gray and wet that is the Pacific Northwest this time of year. I have been through great lengths to bring in my own forms of sunshine – a skill I had yet to realized exist. First it was the glitter nail polish I bought – sunshine for the fingertips. The very vibrant yellow orange paint we selected for our new front door – sunshine for the house. The trip to Swanson’s nursery to buy a Golden Mugo Pine – sunshine for the yard. I have started to hone this special skill and am stumbling through this winter, but I am determined to get better and better at it to survive the Seattle lazy haze.


-Just finished this. And subsequently watched this.

-Wanting some client to purchase one of these so I can see it in real time.

Work fascination and opportunity in the residential sector.

-Just got our Axis deer meat from Kerrville and enjoying link after link.

Finally ate here with our good friends for long overdue social hour.

KEXP groundbreaking last week!

Photo montage by HP