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Hayden Granary

A bakery to include the past and influence the future

Developed along a railway line near Steamboat Springs, Hayden, Colorado is a small town with a rich history in farming. Today its main street receives high traffic from people traveling to ski in Steamboat Springs, but lacks a major industry of its own. In the heart of the community is a historic granary recently purchased by a local couple with a passion for preservation. As a major piece of Hayden history and a hallmark architectural statement in the prairie-like landscape, the granary has the potential to house all kinds of activity and can play a pivotal role in making Hayden a vibrant community once again. This project focused specifically on creating a revitalizing, new use to draw people off the interstate en route to Steamboat.

This proposal focused around one simple fact: goods, services and people cross at Hayden Granary, directly and indirectly, as a community gathering spot. Like a body that needs organs to function, the granary is the physical place to house an intangible assemblage of culture, commerce, and community for its residents. This design builds a bakery on site to strengthen the present crossroads with a future hearth as its heart and center. Serving as a functioning bakery oven to feed the community, it also provides warmth, a place to gather and a symbolic reminder of these crossroads. Recognizing the granary is the center of activity and is a valuable asset for its community, this proposal fosters and maintains these already-present connections. A bakery will seamlessly merge the past, present and future life of the granary and serve as a valuable and profitable resource for its owners and community by bringing people, residents and tourists alike, together.