Homesick Pitmaster 01.2

That’s my kind of brisket. In a series of videos on YouTube, Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue in my hometown of Austin, Texas, shows how to slice a proper brisket:

AaronFranklin_howto_brisket image

September is ushered in by a couple visitors. This week we were blessed with the lovely presence of Josh and his girlfriend Amy. We spent our evenings catching up in the Seattle ‘end of lazy summer days’ with cocktails at Quoin, drinks at the new Ravenna¬†Toronado Pub¬†(a longtime favorite San Francisco joint that decided to hop up to Seattle!) and meals out and about. I did manage to cook salmon for them (everyone needs a good Northwest meal when they visit my house!) and then sent them off to the airport this morning with bellys full of my famous egg pot dish – and not without a pastry stop at Bakery Noveau:


I am missing them already. We did have a fabulous conversation about my future experimenting in food. I am polling people on what sides are a ‘must-have’: “If you could choose 1 side dish to go with your brisket gold, what would it be?” Mainly for curiosity I ask because I have my own ‘must-have’ list and believe in quality over quantity. A short list has formed in my mind and, if I were to be honest, I only believe a few items are worthy of having with barbecue anyway.

Could it be potato salad? Fried okra? Cornbread?

Or my experiments in coleslaw? Only time will tell to those wondering!