Homesick Pitmaster 01.3

Moving up the ranks. Quickly, Tim Byre’s recipe for pickled green beans became a hit with those who have tasted. So good that I made a second batch with more beans from my garden. The rate those have produced this summer and their easy maintanence have assured them they will have a spot in future ¬†gardens. I dare say it was my favorite thing I planted this year. They were meaty and gigantic for how easy they were to tend.


Guajillo chiles add a kick to the tang at the end of your bite.


All sides are served best straight from the canning jar. I think we should all take a moment to thank Mr. John Landis Mason – the inventor of the Mason jar who died a poor man with 6 daughters. Without his invention, we would not have a resealable, reliable solution to canning. He was a tinsmith that patented the threaded glass and tin lid to make the process fool-proof for housewives of the later part of the 19th century.


I can’t imagine life without my mason jars! Thanks to Mr. Mason!