Homesick Pitmaster 01.4

The toils of an urban lady. We have no yard at the moment so I survive on my balcony (which, I should add, we are even fortunate enough to have) and a friend’s parking strip. Yes, a parking strip garden! Long story short, I have been on the waitlist for a city sanctioned ‘P-patch’ in my neighborhood for the last year and heard people say it is virtually impossible to get a plot in one because people that start their plots never leave, or they pass it on to someone they know. It’s a fairly inclusive community.

Friends of the Knoll. The only way to speed up this impossible process is to hope they install a new one within walking distance of our home AND to put in 20 hours of building time + attend community meetings to secure a plot. Luck would have it that there is a new P-patch going in called ‘Trolls Knoll’ by the ‘Friends of Trolls Knoll’ near my apartment and I attended the first community meeting to voice my opinion and participate in the action! It was a lovely evening hosted by the Fremont Abbey Arts and I learned that people love to complain! But there were optimists there too and it won’t stop these dedicated P-patchers from gaining traction.


Parking strip plantings. Rather than wait for a P-patch to open, my gracious friend Sarah has allowed me a 4’x7′ plot of dirt in her parking strip for complete freedom in my green thumb desires. We ventured at it together, Kevin (her husband) built our beds and Sarah, Lindsey and I have tended to it once a week throughout the summer. I planted beets, carrots, zucchini & summer squash, tomatoes, onions, blueberries, corn, radishes, swiss chard, butter lettuce, snap peas and green beans. Did I miss anything?