Homesick Pitmaster 01.5


Reubens for raining. This beautifully dreary Sunday, I had the pleasure of visiting The Swinery in West Seattle. I met chef Kim who told me about their providers, sourcing meat from under a 300 mile radius. I came for the Applewood smoked bacon as a key ingredient in my german potato salad recipe slated for dinner. It truly elevated the dish from grandmother’s hearty, vinegar dish to one with a modern day vibrance. I had some onions from my garden that were diced and added to give this salat a Heather stamp.


Kartoffel Yukon. After reading the research on which potatoes to use and when to add the vinegar, I chose Yukon Gold and I won’t tell about my mystery vinegar equation. The more waxy the potato, the better they hold up in a salad and will add a creaminess to the consistency. I wish I could share the smell of my kitchen right now because it would win you over and my husband gave it approval too! I think my grandma and great grandma would be proud.


Hot and porky. Southern Germans use bacon or ham in their potato salad, serve it warm with a dominant tangy vinegar flavor. This is in contrast to Northern German salat, which is typically cold and mayonnaise covered. I love both for their distinct contrasts and will be experimenting with the mayonnaise variety in the coming weeks.