Homesick Pitmaster 01.6

Kolaches! I just couldn’t help the Czech in me! And it adds that no one seems to know what these strange pastries are this far northwest. However, we all know I don’t even have to sell it – everyone loves their version of the donut /roll and these are it for me and my ancestors. These are going to be a staple on my menu so I best start tweak to get them to sing!

This was my very first attempt on this cold fall morning. The yeast took a bit to get going and I resorted to an ever-so-slightly heated oven to start the rise. I had picked some Huckleberry’s earlier this summer and was dying for a worthwhile use – they take so long to pick and they are so tiny! I wanted their use to be divine for the little size they are. That Northwest twist is spot on with a tang as Huckleberries pack a mean punch! I want to share these with you soon!