POP-UP 01.4

Some interesting things to think about today after having Pho with friends who have great ideas and were willing to brainstorm on my behalf! Thanks Seattle family :) You know who you are.

Pop-up infrastructure. Would it look something like the newly built east austin HOPE farmers market in Saltillo plaza?

HOPE farmers market Saltillo plaza

To me, this plaza has the infrastructure needed to house everyday urbanism. It is designed without program, a shell made for random, planned or temporary infill. If you build it ambiguously, they will come and fill with grand plans. This was one of my favorite new urban spaces I have seen in the last couple of years on my city travels.

Golden landscape! Notice something about this photo? Paseos

How about one of the nation’s arguably most successful pop-ups that isn’t really a pop-up? Paseos in Fremont is across the street from my apartment. It has no legitimate signage – just the flamingo pink storefront frames and galvanized steel metal awning. They don’t need much, a line of people always out your door is enough advertising to put you at #2 best restaurant by Yelp this year.

What I pay attention to in this photo is actually next door. See that patch of grass fenced off from the sidewalk with a gravel drive and bushes? See that valuable piece of flat land between two buildings in the hottest location in Seattle? That is where I would start a pop-up. Right now. This is where I would insert my version of Saltillo Plaza.

How to make this happen without angel investors or winning the lottery? By finding a grant to fund my research with these thought starters from today:

Top 10 differences between pop-ups and a brick and mortar? Lack of funds from investors, low overhead, flexibility, simplicity, ease of entry, experimental/testing the waters, slow or evolving development, lack of concept.

What businesses are sub-businesses to the pop-up? What do pop-ups need for support?

Like the mobile canning line that shot nano-brewing to another level? Like the woman who makes aprons for restaurants around town?