POP UP 01.3

retail lab

laboratory retail


I have thought my store would include things which I curate for the week –

If I had a store right at this very moment, I would be serving BBQ Brisket with a chilled glass of Tepache. Andrew and I will be making our own shortly – but I have no retail space to share it. My favorite Tepache has been Reverend Nat’s out of Portland Oregon:


I would feature a mockup board – almost like a screen – that would have rotating information about the object/beverage/food stuff for our artisans to see when they walk into the store. It would have the weekly item’s name, origin, and definition. Probably popular pairings if it is a consumable. Probably usage would be highlighted if it were an object. If this were Tepache, for instance, I would probably find a recipe to use it in the brisket rub or with a side or in a sauce. You can’t go wrong with the sweet juices of Pineapple similar to this one at reciperebel.