Sugar skulls // 3D printing // novelty

I get much of my inspiration from walking the city streets. My sister always smiles and calls me her “urban girl” because I take walks during my weekday lunches and sometimes (if the stars align) we connect on the phone as I walk and she runs home for a late lunch. Ten minutes here or ten minutes there to total a whole conversation that spans the days and weeks, like daisy chaining our lives through these little moments we can squeeze under our two hour time difference.


As girls, we took for granted ¬†our proximity, our attentions were divided between people and obligations and sports and activities. I would give anything to see her once a week and just reconnect in person. There is a bond there that says to me: I trust you completely and fully for all your faults and triumphs. I don’t judge and I have your best interests at heart. I am the only one who can tell you things I don’t tell anyone else and I love you. In fact, I would say it with a 3D printed sugar cube. I would mail it to my sister and wish the skull could talk. I think it would whisper secrets across time zones.